Top 15 Things to Know About Our 96 Hour Transdermal Hemp Extract Patch

By Pure Ratios on November, 12 2019


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Pure Ratios

Founded by 2 natural health practitioners with over 45 years of combined hands-on experience, Pure Ratios’ origins are rooted in natural medicine. We take an herbalist’s approach to empower balance in the body through a combination of 5,000 years of plant medicine and the latest scientific research & development.

Our 96 Hour Transdermal Hemp Extract Patch is quite the popular product. So recently we decided to spend some time really talking with our patients about it and just listening. We heard glowing reports, answered questions and concerns, and connected on the ways we can help people by empowering better balance in their bodies’ and lives.

From those talks, we got busy in all kinds of ways. Like this list below of some of the insider tips that might be of help to anyone using or considering our product:


1. It’s one of best ways to take hemp extract!

Taking hemp extract through the skin is super effective, especially when compared to other modes of delivery that have to be broken down by the liver. Instead, our transdermal patch gets to work right away once it encounters the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the skin, then goes into the tissue and bloodstream and begins to provide even deeper and more systemic relief. Cannabis sativa is ideal for this, too, because the molecule size is small enough to enter the skin quite easily.


Also, and this is big, our Transdermal Hemp Extract Patch provides consistent time-released delivery for the entire time it stays on the skin (up to 96 hours). This kind of consistency is key in order for the cannabinoids to build up in the system and with a patch, it’s achieved without doing anything more than sticking it on every 3 - 4 days. For practitioners of cannabis-medicine this is especially appealing because it makes the patch a perfect baseline tool: with it on, they know the patient is getting round the clock delivery and if they then need more cannabinoids, they can add-in more from that base level to achieve the desired balance in their system. 


2. It really does last 96 Hours--the longest acting patch on the market.

Again, for consistency with ease, this cannot be beat. Our hemp extract patch is waterproof too so go ahead, shower and bathe with it, it won’t come off! Also, our customers tell us that they know when the few days are up because the relief they were getting begins to wane. That’s right, they don’t have to mark the calendar because their own bodies tell them when to put on a new patch.


3. It’s all-natural. 

Purity and superior sourcing is incredibly important to us. So we’ve figured out how to create a transdermal patch that penetrates skin and goes deep into the tissue and bloodstream without needing chemical driving agents. In addition, our reservoir technology ensures that no glue will enter your system through the skin. No way, we want you to get all of the good stuff and none of the bad.


4. You can use more than one. 

In fact we encourage it, if you don’t have relief with one patch try more. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different and dosage of hemp extract can actually vary a hundred-fold by person! So we encourage you to experiment with more patches both for broader coverage as well as to achieve a higher dosage, and stop when you start to notice relief. There are no known ill effects from “over” dosing hemp extract in the system. 


5. Place it just above your “bendy” parts. 

If you have discomfort in a joint or similarly bendy part, you can place the patch just above or below that area of the body so it stays on well. Don’t worry it will still work on the intended area.


6. For systemic comfort, you can place it on the inside of your wrist.

Because our patch is transdermal, it can be used for systemic relief of issues like mood and sleep. For best results with systemic treatment, place the patch on thinner skinned areas of the body--we like the inside of the wrist.


7. It’s the same as our roll-on.

Our transdermal roll-on has the same active ingredients as the patch so you can use it in the same way. As a roll-on stick, this is relief that can cover more area than a patch, so it can be used to enhance the effects of the patch, or by itself for the same transdermal effects (just without the 96 hour application).


8. Position and seal are important.

For maximum benefit, try to put the patch on clean skin, in an area without too much hair, and in a place where there isn’t constant rubbing from a waistband or other extra tight clothing. Also, getting it fully sealed on the skin when put on is important (all the way around the circle), so seek some help if it’s in a hard to reach spot.


9. Heat will not affect it.

We’ve had patients ask us if they should apply heat to our patch to make it more effective. This is not how our reservoir technology works and so the short answer is: no.


10. You might know it’s working when you take it off. 

Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different so hemp extract dosage can really vary quite a bit. What works for one person may be way too little for another. One way our patients tell us they know they have found the right treatment, though, is that they notice when it wears off and their relief begins to disappear. 


We’ve spoken to more than a few people who begin marking their calendar when they apply their patch(es) so they know when it is time to change them, but eventually ditch that process because their body just knows. When they start thinking about the problem again, it’s usually been about 4 days.


11. A lot of women are finding monthly relief from it’s anti-inflammatory qualities.

Place the patch on the front of the pelvis for maximum relief in that area.


12. It makes a good part of your post-workout routine.

Why not use all you have at your disposal for recovering from your workouts more quickly and feeling great!


13. Consider it instead of a nightcap.

Our patients are using the patch for sleep issues and love it. The best placement for systemic relief like this is in thinner skinned areas of the body like the inner wrist.

14. knows how to be discreet.

Not everyone likes the attention you get from having a boo-boo. So if you’re not like a toddler with a band-aid and would prefer not to call attention to your areas in need, don’t worry. Our patch is as small, thin, and discreet as possible.

15. Skin Likes to Breathe

Rest assured that the adhesive we use in our Transdermal Hemp Extract Patches is hypoallergenic. Still, as the largest organ in the body, your skin needs to be able to breathe regularly. So if you find a good spot for your patch don’t put it in the exact place every single time. 


You can move it around the area without sticking it on exactly the same spot  and still get the same relief. That way the skin isn’t sealed off from breathing for long, long periods of time. This is only for people doing repeated applications, not a couple of patches in a row.


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